Slot Machines VS Online Roulette: What Will Win?

Many experienced gamblers know that there is a tense competition between roulette and poker players. Poker stars are well-known for their unique skills, analytical thinking, and cool mind, while roulette winners seem to be just “lucky” guys. Meanwhile, there is also a competition between slot and roulette fans. Which game deserves the attention of the player and win the hearts of the majority? Let’s figure out.

Online Slots

As real experience shows, most of the players in online casinos come to play slots. They are unique and simple, so they attract players who do not have time to build the strategies.

Besides, one-hand bandits are also the most diverse of all types of gambling. About ten thousand of them have already been released on the Internet. However, different games have completely different features. Some of them have theoretical returns that are very disadvantageous for players, and in some slots, on the contrary, there are excellent returns, which are not much less than in the best types of roulette games.

Online Roulette

Unlike one-hand bandits, roulette is characterized by the opportunity to use various mathematical methods and predict the possibilities of the game. Therefore, people who play it try to create various strategies to take advantage of the game. Moreover, most of the gambling strategies are created for this game, most of which have also been used by other gambling games, though not always successfully.

There are also many varieties of the game, among which the most famous are American, European, and French. The French have the highest theoretical returns, but the American has the largest winnings in the history of casinos.

What Is the Most Profitable?

The best option for making money is playing slots, most of which have great jackpots, and some of them are progressive. Any player around the world could become the next instant millionaire just by spinning the reels. Roulettes have high payouts only if you successfully bet on individual numbers. Otherwise, this game rather provides an opportunity to win less money, but more frequently. This is especially true if you place bets on certain colors.

What Do People Choose?

There are probably more dreamers that we may think: one-hand bandits are still the most popular choice of players. Online slots offer the player a huge selection of new and interesting game options. You can choose:

  • from three to five reels,
  • diagonal lines,
  • progressive jackpot games,
  • various topics, etc.

You can play at any time from any device – PC, tablet, or phone, and these slots will have plenty of features – bonus rounds, free spins, etc.

Meanwhile, many sites started offering live dealer games, not just a random number generator. The dealer is in front of the webcam so that the player can see the table. Thus, online roulette is starting to gain people’s trust again. So, what will you choose?

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